I have many years of experience riding as a messenger and have put subsequent iterations of this bag design through harsh testing and use. The design choices are a careful balance between long-term durability, ease of repair, water-resistance and cost. All the materials are simply the highest quality you should demand to see on any messenger bag. I do not cut corners on material choices.

Every bag comes with all the features a messenger bag should have. I do not make basic bags and charge for extras and add-ons - everything below is included by default. Extra charges will only apply for special colours or custom requests.


The MESSENGER BACKPACK is a two strap backpack. A large primary compartment with a roll-top closure allows keeps cargo safe from the elements, or can be expanded to accommodate larger loads. The primary compartment has a floating liner made of waterproof tarp to provide the best water-resistance possible.

A large 3D front pocket closes with a flap. The flap can be secured with velcro, or with built in cargo straps. The inside of the front pocket is fully lined with waterproof tarp and there are various interior pockets to keep smaller items organized.

Cargo straps and extension straps can be used to strap even more stuff to the outside or top of the bag. Six D-rings are also provided to attach cargo with bungees, bike lights, or anything else. The front pocket flap can also be used to secure smaller cargo.

Compression straps permit adjusting the size of the bag as needed.

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Floating liner can be made of X-Pac for an additional cost. X-Pac is waterproof, but much lighter than tarp and still highly durable.


The MESSENGER BACKPACK comes in three sizes. Medium, Large and XL. In my opinion, a Large bag is suitable for most messenger work, including food delivery and is the maximum size a messenger bag should be. I offer an XL size because of demand.

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XL Dimensions

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