Zipper Fannypacks

XL fannypack with a camo front pocket

Large sturdy FANNYPACKS where the main compartment closes with a YKK water-resistance zipper. These are meant to be worn around the waist (in poweruser mode) or cross-body like a small sling. The design is somewhat unique for FANNYPACKS like this, because the liner is mostly floating, conferring better water resistance and keep them easier (cheaper) to produce and repair.

General Features:


I make a Large or XL version of this.


I usually make these with the 3D flap pocket pictured. It's a great pack to carry a couple of essentials or to keep your every day carry organized and thrown in a bigger back.

Detail Photos for Large Zipper Fannypack


The XL is massive and meant mainly to be worn as a cross-body bag, but you could rock it around the waist. It also goes great in a basket on a front rack. You can carry almost everything you'd take with you in a small sling or backpack except for something like a laptop or tablet.

Detail Photos for XL Zipper Fannypack

Roll Top Fannypacks

A similar FANNYPACK to the zipper version, but with a roll top closure. This version is meant to be worn around the waist, ideal for bikepacking or for when you really need to secure your stuff against the elements. The roll top allows you to carry a lot of stuff snug against your lower back, so you barely notice it.


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