How long will a custom order take?

My turnaround varies depending on how busy I am, but generally for a bag it takes 4-6 weeks and a smaller item (hip pouch, fannypack, etc) it takes 2-3 weeks. Custom orders are made from scratch custom for you, but they also take time! I am just one person and Sinkhole is a part time venture. If you want a more detailed estimate, or if you want to know if I can have something done for a specific date (for a gift or an upcoming trip), just ask and I will probably try to accommodate you

What is your warranty/guarantee/return/repair policy?

I try to make all of my bags as durable as possible – but nothing lasts forever. Guaranteeing you a free replacement bag for life is not realistic for me given the modest size of my operation. Velcro wear out, zippers break, Cordura is eventually degraded by the unrelenting UV bombardment of the sun, etc. That being said, I do everything possible to make sure my bags will have a long, long life and any defect that is due to my own carelessness or poor workmanship I will endeavor to make right with a repair or replacement.

I’m also happy to repair normal wear and tear on bags I’ve made, whether it be broken buckles or worn out material from steady use. Depending on the situation I’ll probably be happy to do this for free provided you can get the bag to me.

Do you repair other bags?

YES! I love repairing other older messenger bags and keeping them on your back and on the road. Most older bags can get a whole new life with a few replaced buckles and straps or some repaired stitches. Get in touch if you have an old bag that needs some work and I’ll take a look.


How long will it take to get my order?

Everything listed in the shop is already made and in stock. It will ship within a week, and then it’s in the hands of Canada Post. I use the cheapest available shipping option. This can take anywhere from 1 week for inside Canada to 6-8 weeks for international destinations. If you have any questions or want to arrange faster shipping, need tracking, etc, just put your order in and get in touch via email.

You also have the option to select free pick-up from my studio on the Plateau in Montreal if you are local, or if you will be in town orhave a friend who can grab it for you.